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The development of NFT games allows players to get rare and unique NFTs.We develop NFT games, and can assist you in starting your next big NFT Gaming platform where players get rewarded after they play.


Enhance your Business by Launching your own NFT Racing Game

As a top NFT Game Development Company, we offer Services to help you create and deliver a realistic user experience based on the three pillars Transparency, Verifiability, and Scarcity which is required for any NFT Game development.



Real ownership

That appeals to game fans for increased involvement and gives players a source of income and is known as in-game ownership.


A distributed public ledger

provides exclusivity and validity through inferable Scarcity.



In games that use decentralised networks, independent blockchains are the stable foundation for other structured games.


Extremely secure settings

Systems for playing racing games based on NFT offer high stability and security. A gamer's wallet is shielded by blockchain technology, which provides an impenetrable layer of cutting-edge protection, and allows him to rest easy knowing that his virtual assets are safe.

What are some of the features of
NFT Games?

The in game assets are the game's main feature in the NFT games. Users can initially claim a regular asset and purchase additional parts and extras to create a potent NFT. To advance in a game, the player must participate.



Unique Reward System

Earlier only the developers earned profits with online gaming platforms but here gamers increasingly pursue incentives for the number of hours spent in the virtual gaming worlds. The origin of the metaverse made this possible by leading to the rise of the play-to-earn model.


In a traditional gaming system, the resultant gaming experience will decrease whenever the user base grows. So, any modification in the game will not affect the users’ gaming experience.

Resource Sharing

Users can acquire resources and tools from the gaming application and trade them when they are inert if required. The community members can also lend their valuable resources in exchange for advanced tools or currencies.

Application of Metaverse in NFT Games

The game's play to earn business model may provide players with additional avenues for making money. The expansion of the Metaverse and the idea of Web3 can also be significantly aided by high-quality NFT game production.


The Vazhr ecosystem is built on the smart contract technology that is completely autonomous, which excludes human factor.

Immutable conditions

Blockchain-enabled game assets cannot be copied or altered due to the permanent record each NFT generates upon issuance.


One of the best features of blockchain is its transparency. It means that it is entirely traceable and much easier to preserve.

Fully Automatic

The entire application of blockchain technology moves toward a direction to play a vital role in automating the metaverse eco-system.


Since Blockchain technology maintains a decentralized public ledger, it affirms each NFT's originality, serial number, and license history.

How do we execute your Metaverse
Gaming project ?

We offer superior game production services for the metaverse with stringent security standards. You can not only play but also buy, sell, and bid on digital objects, thereby building new 3D avatars. Our team utilises several technology stacks, such as Unity, Unreal Engine, etc., to provide consumers with a seamless experience.


We organise the client's specifications before assessing, creating, and finalising a plan of action. Then, we make the application's conceptual workflow and blockchain model. We begin developing, prototyping, and user testing your platform or product once we have assembled your requirements in a whiteboard session.

Support & Maintenance

To ensure continuous growth, we undertake continual product and platform maintenance and optimization, deploy market strategies, and offer real-time problem resolution.

Game Development compatible on all Platforms

End-to-end game development services at affordable rates. Our 200+ team has experienced working on
some of the top games in the industry, including hyper-casual games, multi-player RPGs, and VR games.


Unity Games

Unreal Engine

Console Games

2D/3D Games

AR/VR Games







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What are the different types of games that Vazrh can develop?

Vazrh has complete inhouse team which can deliver Web 3.0 , Mobile and console games.

Can Vazrh integrate games in metaverse and blockchain?

Yes, Vazrh has experienced team under one roof to integrate games into metaverse and blockchain.

What are the different wallets that the NFT games can connect to ?

Vazrh games are compatible with all major wallets such as Metamask, Trust etc. seamlessly.

Have a project idea ?
We would like to hear.

Are you looking for a specific requirement?

Our gaming developers work hand in hand with block chain team to develop metaverse NFT games, as per the requirement of the client for a seamless experience and delivery


Email : info@vazrh.com

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